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“ Behind the impossible, hides the possible. 

While being considered a great hope in the French motocross world, Axel Alletru suffered a serious crash during the 2010 World Championships. The verdict is clear: at 20, Axel was now paraplegic. But rather than resign himself and be angry, he learned resilience, motivation and visualization.


Hard work in rehabilitation will take him much further on the road to recovery. 3 years later, he became the disabled swimming champion at the European Games and 12 times French champion.

During his conferences and team building workshops, Axel talks about his daily obstacles overcoming his paraplegia, showing how he was able to bounce back after his accident and how his mindset allows him to maintain his motivation as a champion.

His interventions are intended to be motivating, thanks to the strong messages that Axel wishes to convey. His sporting successes, his mind and his rich learning experience are the key elements to the necessary relativization of the people who come to listen to his story. The goal is to accept the difficulties of life in order to bounce back better.


One story, many different lives and one message: Behind the impossible, always hides the possible.

Axel is also a partner of the #GOGREEN2024 project. Its objective is to show that you can perform in motorsports despite your paraplegia, in a responsible and positive way for the planet! For each conference given, Axel agrees to plant 50 trees in France and around the world.




    Showing that behind the impossible always hides the possible is a mission that Axel Alletru has set himself.

    He shares his life experience and his career as a high-level athlete in different entreprises, to enable employees to gain leverage, to motivate themselves, to develop a team spirit and to face new challenges with the right mindset.

    Axel sublimated his accident to make it a life lesson, accept certain situations and overcome them thanks to resilience and the wish to move forward in a better way.

    Through his conferences, Axel gives teams from all working sectors the motivation and confidence to bounce back and keep moving forward. The themes he addresses are:

    - Adaptation to change
    - Resilience
    - Disability
    - Transcendence
    - Team cohesion
    - Performance


In 2020, Axel became the first paraplegic driver to win the Paris-Dakar rally against the able-bodied in the SSV (Buggy) category.


He shares his testimony with you and makes you live part of his story through 2 main axes:


1) Inspirational conference

2) Experimentation with sporty driving of the Paris-Dakar during a fleeting baptism with him

driving as the buggy driver and co-driver.


This experience, ideal for strengthening bonds between members of your team, can take place in France, Morocco or even Quebec. Contact us to create your tailor-made team-building!