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Danone Canada and adn conférencier.e.s a successful collaboration since 2021!

Updated: Jan 12

Danone Canada and adn have developed a remarkable collaboration since 2021, marked by innovative initiatives and enriching events in the field of professional development, EDI or even mental health.

In 2021, this partnership began with an innovative bilingual conference program, highlighting new leadership behaviors and the impact of vulnerability, with notable interventions from Yan Martin.

" It is always a pleasure working with adn. They are super creative and are always brining new ideas to make our event stand out and really have impact. They are always very quick to respond and active communicators and problem solvers. All events that I have worked on with adn have been a huge success with very positive feedback from audience members and all involved. I also really appreciate that most of the speakers are bilingual which allows us to offer the same event in both English and French."

Stacey Kozinets | Talent, Learning & Culture Manager

The following year, in 2022, Development Days constituted the heart of this fruitful exchange, welcoming speakers renowned such as Chris Bergeron and Shawn Johal. These sessions addressed crucial themes for this world leader, including creating an inclusive culture and the importance of communication in uncomfortable situations.

In 2023, this alliance has been consolidated, and Danone has chosen to extend this collaboration with adn for its strong annual programming of conferences around the major leadership behaviors that the organization wishes to deepen. But beyond that, the partnership has expanded to include exciting projects, including collaborations with ERG (Employee Ressouce Groupes) and specifically BIPOC - Black, indigenous and people of color - as part of black history month with Déborah Cherenfant for a conference in English in Toronto; a conference dedicated to Marketing Leaders of the company with Bruny Surin in Halifax; and four sessions on psychological health for employees and managers, in French and English, led by Shawn Johal.

"Extremely professional team. Danone and I use adn very often for our conference needs, and we are always extremely pleased with the results. Thanks to the whole team."
Arthur Sylvestre | Director of Media, Digital & E-Commerce

This success is the result of close collaboration with key figures in all departments of the organization. Thanks to Stacey Kozinets, Arthur Sylvestre, Simon Brassard, Mélanie Jan, Isabel-Alexandra Chartrand, Fiona O'Brien and Arya Rajurkar! Their trust and contribution were fundamental to this enriching experience. We look forward with joy to continuing this magnificent collaboration in 2024!


Did you know? We support Danone, but also many other clients  in the development of annual programming of conferences, training, team-building, workshops and coaching engaging around important topics, allowing them to mobilize their teams, position their internal experts or retain their customers. Interested in learning more?

Reserve time with the team to build your tailor-made program.

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