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“ Step forward and step up with great hope for what our futures can hold, and for what we can achieve today with vision and tenacity .''

Nikolas Badminton is a globally renowned futurist, consultant, author, media producer, and executive advisor. His journey into foresight began in 1980, fueled by a passion for technology that ignited when he first encountered computers. Delving into programming, code manipulation, and even game hacking on his ZX Spectrum, Nikolas quickly immersed himself in the evolving landscape of technology.

In 1993, he pursued studies in applied psychology and computer science at the University of Bournemouth. Exploring diverse facets of technology, including Internet dynamics, cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence, and cyberculture, Nikolas centered his thesis on sub-symbolic language systems and the potential devolution of grammar.

Entering the aerospace industry in 1996, Nikolas contributed to leading data and technology providers, management consulting firms, and advertising agencies. Leading strategic programs and developing data analysis and customer relationship management practices, he significantly impacted operational savings and revenue increases for global governments and businesses.

Throughout his career, Nikolas collaborated with the leadership of over 400 prominent organizations in the realms of futures, strategy, and disruption. Notable clients include NASA, Disney, Google, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, VISA, Rolls Royce, the U.S. Department of State, the United Nations, among others.

Currently advising the "Age of A.I." series, Nikolas has been featured extensively in various media outlets. As an author, he contributed the first chapter to "The Future Starts Now" and is set to release "Facing Our Futures" in the fall of 2022. Published by Bloomsbury Business, these books provide executives and organizations with tools for future design and strategic planning.

"Facing Our Futures: How foresight, future design, and strategy create prosperity and growth" is Nikolas's bestselling book, selected for the Next Big Idea Club and chosen as the "Next Gen" pick by JP Morgan Private Bank for their prestigious summer reading list in 2023, guiding emerging leaders to cultivate curiosity and embrace future-oriented thinking.

Nikolas's groundbreaking research has been featured by BBC, VICE, The Atlantic, Fast Company, Business Insider, Forbes, The Sunday Telegraph, and numerous other media outlets. He is a regular contributor to SIRIUSXM and CTV, a key advisor for the "Age of AI" series with Robert Downey Jr., and appears in the Franklin Institute's "2050" series.


Nikolas Badminton, renowned futurist speaker, has collaborated with over 300 leading organizations and governments worldwide. Rooted in the Futurist Think Tank, his expertise guides executives to master the practices of strategic foresight. These practices shape the vision of major organizations, thriving companies, innovative startups, progressive governments, and substantial investment funds.

Nikolas's personalized speeches are crafted to transcend the status quo, shifting from "WHAT IS" to the bold "WHAT IF...". They offer an immersive experience, available in person, via 4K streaming from his future prediction studio, or in a hybrid format tailored to your needs.

Each intervention begins with an in-depth discussion of your goals, supported by meticulous research. Nikolas's expertise spans various sectors, exploring the frontiers of human-machine interaction and culture hacking. His personalized speeches generate a contagious energy for change.

Interactive speeches, punctuated with Q&A sessions, form the core of Nikolas's approach. These moments allow your audience to explore, question, and deepen the conversation. Group or one-on-one discussions can be organized for an even more enriching participation.

Beyond speeches, Nikolas produces reports for participants, brimming with practical ideas and advice to stimulate curiosity and initiate exploration of possible futures. He also offers meetings with executive groups, participants, and sponsors, complemented by customized workshops delving deeper into the topics covered (additional fees may apply).

Together, these elements create a captivating experience, offering a unique vision of the future and sparking imagination to create extraordinary futures with Nikolas Badminton: your guide to exploring future horizons.


All the following themes can be explored to meet your needs and those of your industry and audience:

  • Futures Design

  • Future of Innovation and Disruption

  • Future of Work

  • Future of Water, Energy, and Food Nexus

  • Future of Waste

  • Future of Artificial Intelligence

  • Future of Aerospace, Engineering and Manufacturing

  • Future of Logistics and Transportation

  • Future of Agriculture and Agribusiness

  • Future of Finance and Insurance

  • Future of Urban Planning

  • Future of Metaverse and Web3 / Digital Engagement

  • Future of Privacy and Security






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“Nik is not just an incredible presenter. He grabs the audience's attention and doesn’t let go. So many of our partners told us they had never examined the future of their business in such a thought provoking way – to expose our partners to something new is the highest value we can provide to our partners. Nik brought that value.”


Chief Futurist and leader of the Futurist Think Tank Nikolas Badminton presents the Exponential Minds Podcast where he explores ideas with experts from futures thinking all fields around the world discussing how humanity is impacted by the exponential growth in technology and the thinking behind it.



With Nikolas Badminton


We're only a few weeks into 2023, but there has been a sea-change in the thinking of many business people regarding the future. GPT-4 and similar systems look likely to usher in major changes to the way many of us work and play, and they will probably have significant impacts on markets, economies, politics, and international relations. How can businesses become more effective in anticipating and managing these changes in their business landscapes?


FACING OUR FUTURES: HOW FORESIGHT, FUTURES DESIGN AND STRATEGY CREATES PROSPERITY AND GROWTH - Named as JP Morgan’s “Next Gen Pick” for their 2023 Summer Reading List, and also selected by the Next Big Idea Club. 

Businesses, organizations and society-at-large are all subject to unforeseeable events and incidents that often have a dramatic impact upon prosperity and profit. Due to their unpredictable nature, business leaders and executive teams are unable to prepare for these specific events. But, through innovation, strategizing and an open-minded approach, they can restructure their organization and practices in order to mitigate (or even take advantage of) the impact of such events.


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