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CASE STUDY | A Successful Keynote Series with Olympian @‌Bruny Surin

Aviva Canada, Sandbox Event, and adn have developed a remarkable collaboration, implementing a series of events focused on themes such as trust, resilience, teamwork, determination, and self-improvement.

Held in both English and French, the keynotes were unique opportunities where Bruny Surin shared his exceptional journey.

Bruny revealed the behind-the-scenes of his success, sharing captivating anecdotes that shed light on the tools and strategies that propelled him among the elite in his field. Aviva employees thus had the opportunity to explore the keys to the success of the renowned Olympic athlete, in an atmosphere of closeness and learning.

"It was awesome, everyone loved Bruny! I’m sure the following ones will be the same success!"
Bruno Maceno | Event Manager

During this cross-country odyssey, Bruny illuminated the paths of over 200 participants.

Whether at the summit of Blue Mountain on the shores of Vancouver, in the warm atmosphere of the Hôtel Sacacomie in Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, in the wilderness of Kananaskis or on the historic grounds of Halifax, each location added a special dimension to the experience, transforming these conferences into a memorable journey of self-improvement.

This success is the fruit of close collaboration with personalities from all departments of the organization. Thank you to Déborah Schroeder, Kristin Piukkala, Peter Simpson, and Bruno Maceno. Their trust and contribution were fundamental to this enriching experience. We look forward to continuing this wonderful collaboration in 2024!

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