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Nearly 15 new speakers, hosts and experience creators/team-builders are joining our ranks! Women (lots of them!) and men, each one more inspiring than the next.


Author, lawyer, speaker

The first deaf by birth lawyer to practice in France, Virginie was named one of the 40 most inspiring women by Forbes (2020).

French language expert

A specialist in linguistics and inclusive writing, Solene is particularly interested in the study of language as a tool for symbolic power.

Double paralympic medalist

Former world number one player of wheelchair tennis, author and speaker, Florence is also the vice-president of the French Tennis Federation (FFT).

The famous Madame Labriski

Darling of the foodie scene, visionary entrepreneur, speaker, Meriane is also a lively host, an international author, a marathon runner and brand strategist.

PR expert and CEO of Casacom

One of Canada’s most progressive PR experts, Marie-Josee has provided strategic counsel to hundreds of top brands over the past 30 years.

Speaker, slamer, author

A former soccer player and a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.), Melissa studies the links between gender stereotypes and individual behavior.

Leadership strategist and hippie

Erin is a cultural and leadership strategist and the founder of The Tap In Team, a Montreal-based consulting collective.

Community engineering evangelist

Strategist, storyteller and speaker, Rachelle provides guidance to top organisations and brands looking for better ways to engage with their communities.

Athlete, actor of change

A young athlete and entrepreneur, Xavier is driven by resilience and the strong belief that he can make a difference. He is also a triathlete in the making.

TED speaker, author, journalist

The Wall Street Journal ranks him as one of the top ambassadors of the Slow Movement, Carl is an award-winning journalist and an expert of ageism.

Founder & Creative Director @ Poche & Fils

A finance graduate from HEC Montreal, Anthony decided in 2015, at the age of 24, to drop his master's degree and his soccer career to sell pockets.

Top 100 global retail thinker

Author, speaker, retail prescriptor, teacher and speaker, Carl is one of the most influential thinkers in retail today according to Rethink Retail.

Innovation expert and MIT professor

Author and professor, Peter is a global authority on radical innovation, leadership, and the impact of digital technology on society and business.



« Happy and proud to welcome these new talents to the adn tribe! The diversity of their profiles will meet the needs of our collaborators on topics such as change management, innovation, disability integration, corporate culture, retail, and much more! From London to Paris via Brussels and Montreal, these speakers, facilitators and team-building experts complement our family perfectly. Today, nearly 50 exceptional women and men provide our clients well with their expertise, skills and unique stories, with content that is always personalized to the audience. »

- Adrien Tombari


Want to know more about our new speakers? Book an appointment directly through my agenda.



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