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“I aspire to help improve our relationship with work, so that my little boy inherits values of a more stimulating, fulfilling and meaningful world.”

Florian Pradon is a person who skillfully balances human aspirations and business objectives. Since his arrival in Montreal in 2007, he has immersed himself in the fascinating world of tech, which has catalyzed his interest in the complex relationship between talent and innovation. He is currently the VP of People and Culture at LG2, where he closely collaborates with teams to develop strategies that attract and retain talent while staying true to the company's goals.

But the journey doesn't stop there. Florian has also contributed to shaping workplace cultures at Radio-Canada, GSoft, Nurun, Randstad, and others. Whether solving workforce shortage issues or building a customized candidate experience, his approach has always been collaborative and inclusive.

Florian enjoys sharing what he has learned along the way. As a member of the advisory board of Les Sources Humaines, he also gives lectures and workshops to enrich the community, including students at HEC Montréal.

If you're looking to understand the true impact of culture and talent on your organization, Florian can not only inspire you but also provide you with the tools to do so.




HR Trends: Navigating the Turbulence of 2024

Change is a daily occurrence. Are you wondering how to stay in tune with the HR challenges of 2024? Join this session/conference led by Florian to fully understand the trends that are reshaping the landscape. You will leave with concrete insights and tools to enlighten your upcoming team discussions. Ready to breathe new life into your HR strategy?

From the Heart to Inclusion: An Immigrant's Story in Quebec

Florian, a Black Frenchman who arrived in Montreal in 2007, opens up his heart to you. In this authentic testimonial conference (or podcast, as you prefer), discover his highs and lows as an immigrant in Quebec. His lived experiences and practical tips will enlighten you, whether you are a newcomer or a company on a quest for inclusion. What are you waiting for to enrich your perspective?

Flex Culture: The Art of Mobilizing Modern Teams

The pandemic is behind us, but its impact lingers. How can you transition a corporate culture towards greater flexibility? Florian will guide you through this essential transformation. From remote work to flexible leave policies, discover how these changes not only enhance the workplace but also make it more competitive. You'll even get a real glimpse through case studies. Are you ready to make the shift?

Transform Your Corporate Culture with Design Thinking

The world of work is changing rapidly. To cope with and anticipate these changes, HR must adopt new approaches. This conference explores how to enrich HR strategies by integrating practices from user experience design, ethnography, and product research. My professional journey has allowed me to collaborate with experts in these fields, learning to apply their tools and methods to design engaging employee journeys. We will see how these disciplines can enrich HR, from onboarding to professional development, promoting innovation and well-being at work. This conference is perfect for HR teams who want to step off the beaten path and want to develop an employee experience-focused approach.

Mobilize Talent Through a Flexible Corporate Culture

Generation Z, the pandemic, artificial intelligence redefine our way of working and communicating. In the face of these changes, telework, technological integration, mental health, as well as diversity and inclusion take on new importance. This conference is designed for HR teams and managers who want to understand how to make the corporate culture more attractive, inclusive, and high-performing.

DEI: From Testimony to Action Plan

In this conference, I open a sincere and personal dialogue about a journey as an immigrant in Quebec, marked by beautiful encounters... and beautiful challenges! As a diversity HR professional who has taken the reins of HR in Canadian organizations, I share my unique and refreshing perspective on diversity, equity, and inclusion. I tell you about the obstacles encountered and the lessons learned in various work environments. This conference offers practical strategies for integrating DEI into HR practices. It is aimed at HR professionals eager to adopt a pragmatic approach and managers seeking to exercise inclusive leadership.

What Does the Future of the World of Work Hold for Us?

In this unique conference, I take you into the 3 dimensions of modern work: time, place, and meaning. Passionate about sociology, I take you beyond HR trends to explore and better understand the real motivations behind reducing working time, the dilemmas of different work models, and the quest for meaning from Generations Y and Z. This conference is ideal for business leaders and HR executives who wish to push their reflections beyond best HR practices.







Dans cet épisode, Nicolas discute avec Florian Pradon, qui oeuvre activement dans le domaine du recrutement depuis 2003, de G-soft à Radio-Canada, c'est vraiment un expert sur tout ce qui touche la valeur d'entreprise et comment recutrer de nouveaux employés avec cette nouvelle réalité virtuelle! 

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