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« Never let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. Everyone has their own path, journey, color, and destiny. »

Proud of her indigenous roots, Michelle L. Gerrior had the great fortune of growing up in a family environment steeped in spirituality, "Shining," and traditional initiation rites passed down through generations.

A coach-consultant in psycho-spiritual approaches and traditional energy therapy, as well as an author and creator of practical guides in personal development, she primarily sees herself as a peacemaker, serene, committed, and self-assured. Her traditional knowledge comes from her Mi'kmaq ancestry, the Peacekeepers, her late mother, Maureen Gerrior, her late grandfather, William (Bill) Gerrior, her great-grandparents, Alexander (Mun) Gerrior and Anglina Avery. Her Anishinabeg roots are Marie Mite8amg8k8e (maternal) & Jean le Sauvage (paternal). All her indigenous identities are certified by recognized genealogists.

Passionate about the ancestral spiritual cultures of the First Peoples of the Americas and traditional holistic approaches, she is a psychosocial worker (UQAM-1998), and her application was accepted in the fall of 2021 for a master's degree in spiritual care at the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Sherbrooke.

It's up to each one to take the first step because nothing happens without taking action! By developing Nun'ji; mentoring workshops, transformational teachings, she aspires to help you become more fulfilled and serene. These efforts are worth it as they have the potential to transform your life. Proudly, she passionately and intensely shares her knowledge with those interested in enhancing their understanding.

Lastly, she contributes to the development of projects with a social purpose. She particularly uses letters and digital arts to create a point of contact between the senses and the mind, which she structures to make it intelligible. Consequently, she adds her expertise and knowledge to serve the mission of the company Nouveau Monde Média since 2019, in addition to honoring her vision by proposing innovative and unifying projects.

Among other things, she conceptualized the manuscript of the traveling exhibition of the collective project "Parallel Paths" currently touring in Quebec and the scriptwriting and production of the podcast "Ellestransex; The Day After" available on QUB Radio, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts.


All the following topics can be adapted into various formats of your choice, from traditional lectures to full-day training sessions to half-day strategic workshops.



Join Michelle L. Gerrior, an authentic Two-Spirit Medicine Woman, on a journey inspired by the practices of the First Peoples of America. A spiritual quest, both exhilarating and moving, challenging our certainties and awakening a multitude of emotions.


Guided by indigenous traditions, you will discover how to manage this spiritual awakening, listening to your heart and intuition at your own pace. You will explore the obstacles that sometimes lead us to self-sabotage, rooted in our personal history, and learn to overcome negative beliefs and toxic thoughts.


Never forget that no one should dictate your abilities. Each of us has a unique path, much like Michelle L. Gerrior, who will share her wisdom in an inspiring conference, steeped in the traditions of the First Peoples of America.


Michelle L. Gerrior offers an intimate and authentic exploration of the lives of transsexual individuals after gender reassignment delivered with kindness, without pretense or compromise.

Upfront, the conference suggests a postulation model regarding the various stages of physical and psychological healing of transsexual individuals and how they socially and spiritually embrace their new physical identity.


The conference aims to be an educational reference tool on this subject to raise awareness among the general population and the scientific community while advancing the recognition of the realities and challenges that transsexual individuals face on a daily basis.


For Michelle L. Gerrior, ignorance of the issues facing transsexual individuals is often the root of prejudices. These received and simplistic ideas that we have about others without knowing them. To combat prejudice, it is essential to combat ignorance by seeking to inform and educate oneself.


Transidentity has always existed. However, among all the groups experiencing social exclusion, transsexual individuals are perhaps the most misunderstood. In this conference, we will intimately explore the reasons behind this lack of understanding. This unique group of people, on a singular life journey, is currently facing an existential crisis in search of recognition and dignity.

Beyond the transformation of the physical body and gender reassignment, there is a human being with fears, anxieties, dreams, aspirations, and visions for our world. The conference delves into the differing philosophies of trans identity and the rejection by a majority of transsexual individuals of the term "transgender" to describe this community. According to Michelle L. Gerrior, it is time to approach transsexuality as a viable means of addressing gender dysphoria to help break down prejudices against transsexual individuals and work toward creating a more harmonious and realistic world with this community.

In this context, you will discover how Michelle L. Gerrior has developed the ability to face the numerous challenges, including prejudices and transphobia, sometimes even within the "trans" community. According to Michelle L. Gerrior, respecting diversity means recognizing the dignity and identity of each person without judgment or discrimination. Respect is a fundamental principle for coexistence as it preserves the rights and freedoms of all while promoting diversity and harmony.

Expect a narrative of powerful testimonies, impactful reflections, and practical solutions delivered with humility and candor, sprinkled with a touch of humor.



Join Michelle L. Gerrior for a Circle of Speech based on the traditions of the First Nations.

Adapted for groups of 5 to 20 people, this circle offers a unique experience of exchange and sharing rooted in the ancestral wisdom of indigenous cultures. This Circle of Speech ritual invites you to explore assertive and transformative communication while providing a safe space to express your emotions, needs, opinions, disagreements, and frustrations without fear of judgment or rejection.

Guided by the traditions of the First Nations, this experience begins with a purification ritual that respects ancestral knowledge. Each participant is then encouraged to speak on a predefined theme based on the group's needs and expectations. A talking stick facilitates communication, allowing everyone to express themselves.

During the Circle of Speech, Michelle ensures that all participants have the opportunity to speak, facilitates the discussion as needed, restates key ideas, and summarizes commonalities and differences. At the end of the Circle of Speech, feedback is collected from participants, fostering a respectful and compassionate exchange. Join this Circle of Speech rooted in the traditions of the First Nations for a profound experience of connection and transformation.






L. Dépelteau-McEvoy

" This teaching allows sensitives to soar professionally. It's an education that transforms who we are, leading us to become a better human being. Gratitude! "



Oracle de la Loge des Anciens

Le coffret comprend trente-deux cartes oracles, un livre contenant des tableaux explicatifs sur la procédure à suivre dans les tirages des Roues de direction. Les Oracles sont divisés en deux groupes, soient vingt huit oracles d’enseignement et quatre oracles de direction. Les vingt-huit oracles d’enseignement sont des outils à caractère éducatif et initiatique.


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