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“Gratitude is my attitude.''

Mirella Di Blasio founded the agency Lulu Events 20 years ago. During her professional journey, perimenopause hit her hard without her knowing what was happening. After many medical consultations, it was a homeopath who put words to her various ailments.


She decided to write her story to help women and guide them on the different solution paths available to better embrace this inevitable transition.


In La périménopause sans filtre, the author discusses 40 experienced symptoms related to perimenopause. The book is written with a large dose of humor and, above all, without taboos!


She has taken it upon herself to make the workplace more inclusive to address the mental and physical health issues women face during this period of their lives.


Concerned about the professional and personal challenges surrounding this reality, she now shares her advice with anyone willing to listen, aiming to raise awareness and encourage open discussion. She is particularly interested in the detrimental consequences that perimenopause and/or menopause can have on women's careers, a silent majority suffering in her view...


She claims to be the Joan of Arc for perimenopausal women in all aspects of their lives!


    Understanding the Challenges of Menopause, Perimenopause, and Andropause  

    Inspired by her book La périménopause sans filtre where she humorously and candidly discusses the 40 symptoms of perimenopause, Mirella Di Blasio offers a dynamic and interactive conference to break taboos surrounding menopause, perimenopause, and andropause. As the New York Times conducted a compelling feature on the topic in 2023, titled "The Silent Suffering," she encourages exploring the physical and mental challenges of these often-misunderstood life stages.

    This conference provides a safe space to openly discuss often overlooked symptoms, their potential impact on the workplace, and best communication practices to open dialogue. Mirella Di Blasio shares her personal experience as well as that of other women to encourage a liberating conversation and provide supportive and empathetic assistance to all affected by these hormonal transformations.

    By also addressing mental health, this interactive conference offers a comprehensive guide for those experiencing these changes and those wishing to become allies on this important topic.


    Strategies for a Smooth Transition

    Inspired by her book La périménopause sans filtre, Mirella Di Blasio, also known as the "Jeanne d’Arc des femmes périménopausées," invites you to an open conversation on perimenopause/menopause.

    This conference explores over 40 symptoms affecting the mental and physical health of those affected, far beyond hot flashes.

    Mirella Di Blasio examines the importance of addressing perimenopause/menopause in the workplace and highlights best communication practices to open dialogue on this delicate subject. Additionally, it provides pathways to create an inclusive and supportive work environment to address the various challenges women face.

    The conference concludes with a Q&A session, providing an opportunity to deepen discussions and exchange ideas.

    * Formats: Conference, Training or as a Workshop.




    An Integrated Strategy

    Drawing from her 20 years of experience as the founder of Lulu Events agency and a lifelong stage director, Mirella Di Blasio shares her in-depth knowledge of event organization in this dynamic and participatory 2 to 3-hour workshop. She presents concrete case studies and best practices to turn every event into a genuine communication opportunity.

    The workshop highlights the intersection of strategy and creativity in event organization. Mirella Di Blasio demystifies the concept of creativity by presenting a four-step process and demonstrates how to consistently integrate branding into the event concept. She also explores how to strategically integrate sponsors in a creative manner.

    A dedicated workshop on creativity and objectives allows participants to find the purpose of their event and associate it with a creative concept. They will have the opportunity to present their project in a 90-second elevator pitch format, while benefiting from feedback from the trainer and other participants to refine it.

    Finally, the workshop addresses the crucial issue of setting goals to measure the effectiveness of an event. Participants will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in the workshop to concrete projects in a 360-degree practical workshop, where they will present their ideas and receive constructive feedback to improve them.

    * Shorter 1-hour or longer one to two-day formats available.





adn_Mirella Di Blasio

"The Joan of Arc for Perimenopausal Women"

"I've given myself a mission, to be the Joan of Arc for perimenopausal women!" exclaims Mirella Di Blasio, author of La périménopause sans filtre, 40 symptômes à apprivoiser (Perimenopause Unfiltered, 40 Symptoms to Tame), whom we met in her office on Boulevard Saint-Laurent.

adn_Mirella DiBlasio


To help break taboos on the issue, but also and above all to educate and support women, Mirella Di Blasio launched her "Petit guide de la préménopause" (Little Guide to Premenopause) five years ago, which we have already discussed.

Today, the sequel lands in bookstores: La périménopause sans filtre - 40 symptômes à apprivoiser (Perimenopause Unfiltered - 40 Symptoms to Tame). Yes, 40, not 35, as in her first book. In fact, there might even be 70 of these cursed symptoms... We talked to her about it, unfiltered.

adn_Mirella Di Blasio

"La périménopause sans filtre" by Mirella Di Blasio

Columnist Pascale Langlois has read the book La périménopause sans filtre by Mirella Di Blasio, which offers remedies for 40 perimenopause symptoms.

The author decided to write this book to demystify the symptoms, make information accessible to everyone, and propose a variety of solutions. She collaborates with various specialists such as gynecologists, yoga specialists, and meditation experts.

adn_Mierella Di Blasio

Menopause and Perimenopause: the Numerous Symptoms and Solutions

On this World Menopause Day, Wednesday, host Luc Ferrandez discusses the topic with Mirella Di Blasio, author of the book La périménopause sans filtre (Perimenopause Unfiltered).

Listen to Geneviève Pettersen, 41 years old, a contributor to the show "Sans réserve," who also takes part in the discussion.

Together, they address the numerous physical and mental symptoms of menopause and perimenopause.

What are the taboos?

What are the solutions?

Listen to the full interview.

adn_Mirella Di Blasio
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